Get Your WordPress Website Ready For the New Year

January 4, 2019

If you missed my last post about getting your website ready for the holidays, then now's a great time to invest a few minutes on some basic website maintenance, to help get your WordPress Website ready for the New Year.

Keep reading to gain some valuable tips on ensuring your website's in tip-top shape for the upcoming year.

Update Your Copyright Date

A lot of website owners forget to update the copyright date on their website, and some don't even realise the importance of it. An updated copyright date indicates to visitors that your website is maintained (and not abandoned), and that the content is up-to-date.

Update WordPress, Plugins & Themes

This one's a no-brainer and should ideally form part of your monthly website maintenance! ALWAYS make sure that your website is running the latest version of WordPress and that all your plugins and themes are updated. Remember to take a backup of your site before updating, just in case you run into any conflicts.

Test Your Forms

It is not uncommon for contact forms to suddenly stop working (usually after updates). Make sure that you are receiving all form submissions sent from your website and that contact and subscription forms are functioning properly.

Update Pricing & Information

Remove any outdated banners / advertising, and ensure all your products are priced correctly. If shipping costs, business contact or banking details have changed, be sure to update all these important details on your website.

Remove Old Users & Update Passwords

Delete any users (admins, shop owners, subscribers, etc) that no longer require access to your website, and update passwords to ensure your website remains secure.

Remove Unused Images, Themes and Plugins

Images, themes, plugins, and documents can take up a lot of space in your hosting account and can also affect your website loading times. Now is a good time to do a quick clean up of all the stuff that you're no longer using and ensure you're not storing any unnecessary files.

Add New Content

Create and add some fresh and engaging content such as a new blog post or page. Adding new content will not help maintain, or in some cases improve your Google ranking (Google LOVES new content), but will also help draw new and existing visitors to your website.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your website in good health is important, and what better time to focus on cleaning up your website than right now!

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