The Basics of SEO

December 1, 2017

What is SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a complicated subject and can be difficult to explain. In short, SEO is the act of letting Google know that your business exists. So if someone searches for information, or a product or a service on Google, your page will be displayed in the search results - though not necessarily on the first page...

The purpose of SEO is to send customers to your website, from Google. If you want your website to be recognised by Google, then SEO should be one of your top priorities!

Google is ever changing, improving and evolving and they are constantly introducing new ways for websites to improve their Google ranking.

There is a ton of detail when it comes to SEO, but we cannot possibly cover it all in this blog post; that's why we've called it "The Basics of SEO" and not "Mastering SEO".

Listed below is a brief explanation of how SEO works and a few tips on how to improve your Google ranking.

Good Quality Content

One thing that never changes is Google's requirement for good quality and useful content. Articles, product descriptions and any other content, should contain relevant keywords and phrases; this will encourage people to click on the link pointing to your page. The more people clicking on your links, the more interesting that page looks to Google.

Social Sharing

The more your links that are shared on social media and blogs etc, the more important your page looks and the higher you will rank with Google. So keep sharing those web links folks!

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can help improve your website's SEO tremendously, so if you haven't started blogging yet, now is the time. Link building is probably one of the most effective ways of getting your page to rank higher.

Page Loading Time

Google also considers the time it takes your page to load. So if your page loads too slowly, then chances are Google is sending you to the back of the queue. Try to get your page to load in 3 seconds or less. 3 seconds is considered fast, 5 seconds is average and anything more than 5 seconds, is usually considered slow.


Googlebot's need to understand the content that's on your page, in a text readable format. Images and videos or any other page content, needs to be easily readable by Google for them to put it into their web index.


Written content should contain relevant keywords and phrases that relates to what the "Searcher" is searching for on Google. A primary keyword and related secondary keywords should be the same as the "Searchers" intent.

In a nutshell:

SEO is a complex subject, but there are some easier ways to help improve your Google ranking. Make sure you have a good quality website containing engaging and quality content, as well as relevant keywords. Pages should load quickly and content should be easily shared on social media and blogs. Also consider guest blogging for a boost to your website's SEO.

By now you should know the basics of SEO, but if you're still just not getting it, or simply don’t have the time, we can help! Send us a message or give us a call for more information.

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