Web hosting and Website Maintenance is often misunderstood and can be especially confusing for the "non-tech" folk. This post will help you to understand it a little better.

Web Hosting:

A Web Host or Hosting Service Provider provides server space on the internet for your website. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers (servers) which acts as your website’s home. These servers contain all the hardware and software required to keep your website running smoothly at all times with little to no downtime.  

When an internet user types in your website address, their browser will connect them to your server and display your website. If your website doesn't have a hosting service provider or server space, then it wouldn't be visible to the public, or more simply put - non-existent...

Website maintenance:

A well-maintained website is critical for any business as it helps to attract and maintain new (and existing) customers, improve or maintain search engine rankings and provides web users with new information, products and services.

Website maintenance includes all the elements that need to be designed, updated and fixed within your actual site (it has nothing to do with the hosting server). Content management, design and development, functionality enhancements, website security monitoring (such as hack attempts) and software updates – it’s all website maintenance.

Summary: Web hosting provides your website with a home on the internet.
Your website can be moved from one server to another, but without a server or web host, your website cannot be served to the public. Website maintenance involves regular maintenance of your actual website. 

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