Choosing the right CMS for your website

Wix vs WordPress: So many small business owners don't do their research before choosing a CMS for their business, and often end up regretting their decision later on.

Wix is a “free” Diy sitebuilder that allows users to create a website quickly and easily, within minutes. Sounds like the perfect solution to get you started, given the small budget you’re working with, but is it really the best idea?

For some, Wix is a perfectly fine solution. Particularly those that plan to have a very static, never changing, information only, type website. There is nothing shameful about that and if that suits you and your business needs, then I wish you the best of luck.

I have been working with WordPress for over 3 years now and call me biased, but I still think that WordPress is the best CMS out there to date! I have had so many customers wanting to move their website over from sitebuilders such as Wix, and Weebly (to name a few), to WordPress.

Growing your business

There’s no doubt that Wix is simple to use and great in the beginning. But! Once you need more control, more power, more traffic, or if you require specialized customisations, “simple DIY” eventually becomes "hiring a professional and paying the price!"

Wix is a great solution for small businesses and start-ups, but If you plan on growing your business, then a Wix website will have to be upgraded at some stage.

Making the switch

If you don't like your your WordPress developer or web host, its easy enough to keep your website and switch to a different developer or host. With Wix on the other hand, it’s not that simple (or cheap).

It can become very expensive to migrate from Wix to WordPress. In the end, it will probably cost you more than it would’ve, had you just started with WordPress right away. It’s always better and more cost effective to do it properly the first time.


Some web designers would say that Wix is like renting your website instead of owning it. But there’s actually more to it than that; In real estate law, leasehold tenants actually have a lot of well-established rights. At Wix (and their kin), you got nothing. And that's not even touching on the design and functionality options.

If at some point you don't like Wix’s pricing or their customer service, there’s not much you can do about it but complain. Why, you ask? Well at Wix, you don't own your data, Wix does. The opposite applies to WordPress.

It's the difference between building your home on someone else's land and on land that you own. Plain and simple.

Design skills

Designing a website is about more than just design and functionality. When it comes to Wix, sure you can do it yourself, and I'm sure you will even come up with something you like. BUT a professional website has a purpose, its designed to have the visitor take an action, an action such as sign up for a newsletter, gather a lead, make a purchase, or educate the visitor about your products and services.

Are you really confident that building your own website with Wix, can offer you the functionality to achieve these actions? If not, then perhaps you should consider hiring a professional web designer.

Contact us for professional advice before making a decision you might regret later on.

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